Guzzidiag diagnostic connection issues


Last year I succesfully used Guzzidiag to interrogate the ECU on my 2016 V7 ii Stone, however this week When I tried to connect, the message
‘’ Ign Off ‘’ repeatedly appeared. The settings in the program are correct for V7 Stone and the right COM port is selected with no Virus checker or additional program running in the background.

Have tried two different windows 7 laptops, various iterations of Driver, currently the recommended 2.08.14, replacement commecting leads from Lonelec.

Do members have any suggestions as to what I can try next, I live in the Tyneside area but could travel if anyone has a working set-up.


Swap it for a V50 ?

Does this occur after you turn the ignition “on”? Maybe the kill switch?

Thanks for your suggestion but no, same with Kill Switch off or on ???

Is the blue light on on your Lonelec lead? Perhaps you do not have a good connection with the little crocodile clips onto your battery or a bit of dirt in your ecu access plug?
Mark Bayley (Beetle) is very helpful.

Hi David, thanks for your reply, yes the blue LED is illuminated and the Diagnostic connections are sound, messaged Mark and even he ! didn’t suggest any solutions I haven’t tried.

Perhaps your GuzziDiag is corrupted. Have you tried deleting it and reloading a fresh copy from

Hi David, no, tried deleting and re-installing the program on both Laptops, continues to flag up “ Ign Off “ can only be a quirk in the ECU, however bike is running well ? Robert.


This sounds like a software driver issue to me. Some drivers are notoriously difficult to remove/roll back. Simply deleting the driver and reinstalling doesn’t always work, especially when it is for specific saftware such as GuzziDiag which may or may not have been properly deleted itself from the computer.

Did you allow the computer to look for and auto-install a windows driver as well as installing the one from the Griso website? - perhaps they are both installed and now the windows own version is set as default and is causing the problem?

Just a thought, but I would suggest, if you haven’t done so already, completely deleting the GuzziDiag software and any associated ini. files, AND delete the driver as well, making sure that there isn’t a windows own version still there.

Once it is all completed deleted, then reinstall everything as per the Griso instructions.

Hope it works out!


Following my failure to connect to Guzzidiag despite following all of the good advice received here, l took the bike to my Guzzi agent just to confirm it would communicate with the official PADS program and … it didn’t !

In desperation, suspecting a damaged ECU I e-mailed Mark ‘Beetle’ Bailey in Australia, he of the justly famous MG Remaps, Mark reassured me that as the bike was running well the unit wasn’t fried and my problem lay in the connection to the computer;
He suggested a continuity check between the Diagnostic plug and pin 16 of the ECU multi plug and he was correct, somewhere within the harness there must be a break because adding an external link wire has solved the problem and Guzzidiag now works first time every time.

Thank you Mark and thank you everyone else who came to my aid,

Robert :smiley:

Great news Robert!

Well done!