Hi, Does anyone have a Guzzino which I could look at and sit on
for size ? Don’t want to ride it or even need to hear it…but would like to perhaps discuss it a bit. I am thinking I will be looking for a 65cc
Cardellino, but don’t want to get to Italy and find it is too small to ride safely. Thanks. David G

There’s a Cardelino for sale on ebay at the momentCardelinoYou could always pretend to be interested in it and give it a try. The only other one on here is in Denmark and thats a bit far to go to view it. Steve the owner would gladly give you plenty of hints, tips and share his knowledge with you. Look for SteveinDenmark in the member list and PM him if he doesn’t chip in here.

I have a Guzzino and a Cardellino Lusso (running but needing work). You are welcome to see any time. I am in Norwich.

I have just purchased one off E Bay it is the 73 cc CARDELLINO. Went straight into my front room as it is so pretty. You can come and sit on it if you want.