Guzziology now on Kindle

Dave Richardson has put the latest version (9) of Guzziology out on Kindle. You can find it here;
and it’s only £7.65.

That’s a good step forward. I have an older copy but for that price I might download a new version. Just need to find out if it will work on a PC as I don’t have a Kindle.

I’m the same and will get this as it’s the latest version. I haven’t got a Kindle either but understand a reader for a PC is available free. Possibly from Amazon.

Good news

See this link to down load the app Free Kindle App: Kindle Store you can read on most devices iOS,Android, Mac and PC

I downloaded the Kindle for PC program and then bought my copy of Guzziology. This all went well.

However, I wanted to be able to print odd pages out to use in the workshop. Kindle doesn’t allow printing or file conversion and the file is DRM protected but, there are ways and means.

On the subject of Guzziology and Dave Richardson, did others on here see that Moto International have closed their doors for the last time.
I believe Dave has retired and his sons can’t make it pay it’s way.
It is with great regret to inform you that Moto International will be closing our doors permanently. Our last day will be October 15th. We will continue to service bikes and fulfill existing parts orders to the best of our ability. Stay tuned for info on where to bring your bikes for future service/warranty needs. Motorcycle sales will be discontinued shortly, and currently all bikes are priced at our cost. We will not be taking any more special orders, or booking new service appointments. Look for deep discounts on all parts and accessories that are in stock. We appreciate the support over the last 25 years, but are at the point where it’s no longer financially viable to keep the lights on. Thank you for allowing us to serve you over the years…

Yes, Dave mentions somewhere in the first chapter that Moto International has closed and suggests to me that this version 9.0 could be the final incarnation of Guzziology.

Cheers John
Well spotted