Hi all I’m looking to buy the Guzziology book and as i have an older Guzzi (79 1000sp) is the latest version (9) the one to get or maybe an earlier version :thinking:

Roy - I can only speak for the volume I have, which is 8.2 purchased for my own 1000SP

My understanding is that newer revisions are additive not subtractive so new editions have everything that the older ones had, plus material relating to later models.

Having said that, this post has been moved to Marketplace - Buying & Selling so, if you’re in luck, someone might have a copy they wish to part with.

Gutsibits stock genuine copies, usually, and they’d surely know. The author himself is also a good person to ask!

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Thanks Barry wasn’t sure wether newer editions catered more for later models,will check marketplace ect,chuffed with my sp fits in very well with my 750 Commando.

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Good luck. People tend to hang on to their copies - they’re great winter night reading, and really good for standing on to get the tin of beans down from the top shelf!

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If you have the capability, I see on another forum that Guzziology is available on kindle now. Otherwise order it via Gutsibits as suggested.

Ive just checked my copy and its 5.3 (2002) . Where did that time go. It would be interesting to know if there have been any updates for the Spada in the last 21 years.
BTW Roy, you probably know this but in case you dont, there is a copy of the factory workshop manual on the ‘thisoldtractor’ site. Its titled G5 and 1000SP. Its in English or if you want more of a challenge its also in German.

Thanks Barry, didnt know Dave Richardson had his own site and he has published his story, it’ll be my next read.
Looked up how much Amazon were charging for Guzziology, £37.49. Bargain! Im sure my copy was over £50 in 2002 (That was my Xmas present that year).


Mine came direct from Amazon - probably easier than looking for an old copy?

amazon?! :scream: buy from the author direct or from Gutsibits. amazon won’t help you with your next Guzzi spares purchase!

Have you thought of buying a Haynes Manual

Barry - Amazon is the merchant Dave uses to sell Guzziology - You are buying it from him - through amazon

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Roy. I have an old copy you can have for the cost of postage, as I have a kindle edition. whereabouts are you?


Hi Roger WR101QZ let me know p&p.

hey @RogerSlater and @Roy - you’re probably way ahead of me but probably best to use ‘messaging’ to share any personal/financial details.


I see you are in Pershore? I am in Malvern, so probably no need to post it?

Hi Roger, well thats handy, let me know when it’s convenient and will drop over.
Roy. pm me by all means.