Hagon Rear Shock Q

Has anyone installed a Hagon monoshock with remote spring adjustment to a Sport 1200 or for that matter a Breva? According to Gutzibits they are listing a 67038H that fits as well as doing a Norge or Breva 1100, when I spoke with Hagon as their web site does not list the sport I was told that I couldn’t have the remote as there wasn’t space.

I gather that a lot of people also use the Stelvio shock as and upgrade as it is about 10mm longer, slightly changing the rising rate.

There are other shocks about varying in price somewhat but not all have front springs to match.

The Griso Shock is shorter than the Stelvio, a few Stelvio owners have fitted them to drop the ride height.

As far as I’m aware, the upper and lower fittings/mounts are the same on all the CARC Models, so Shocks should swap between them, but double-check first.

If it’s a ‘fixed’ Remote Adjuster (i.e., Mounted to the Shock as on the Stelvio), then there may not be room.
If however it’s a true Remote, on a Flexible Hose, then you might find space for it.