Handle bar switches

Evening,I was looking to change the handlebar switches on my 1000 sp for something that works all the time ,mine I have to book the starter button two weeks in advance of going out.Can you fit Japanese switch gear etc cheers Neil

I have not had a problem with RH switch although a previous owner has soldered the kill switch to disable it. I used a Honda Firestorm LH switch. All the same functions and can dispense with the flash relay for main beam.

There should be no problem with replacing switch gear. Firstly you need to identify the wire colours in both the new and old switches and know where they connect, secondly connect the new wires into the loom or existing plug in the correct places. A coloured wiring diagram will help with the existing wiring and a continuity tester, either a multi meter or a simple bulb, battery and wire, for the new switch. Once you have identified what goes where you can cut and solder away.

Wiring diagrams here https://www.motoguzziclub.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=16390&sid=85533b94925daf46c9e5990758891ba3 or by Carl Allison elsewhere

You may need to think about the horn wiring as Guzzi seem to wire there’s different to every other manufacturer. On a Guzzi, the horn button completes the circuit by maing a connection to earth. Other manufacturers use the switch to connect 2 wires together, just send one of those to earth instead.

I have a starter/kill switch like this on my 850T :


It does the job and is very reliable ( and cheap ). I’ve seen the same switch fitted to other 70’s Guzzis, so it must be an improvement on the original.

Beware buying modern replica switchgear. I bought new right-hand switches for my Benelli. This was a new item and looked correct, but made in China. The kill switch was wired the wrong way so off is on and on is off.