Handle bars - Cali 3

Just before I order my new bars, anyone know what diameter the standard bars are on a Cali 3.Thanks Eddie.

I’m pretty sure they are 7/8" up to the EV which is 1"
I have an 1100i (the model just before the EV was introduced) and mine has 7/8" bars on it.
I use old Triumph Bonneville T140 American spec bars on mine, they’re much better quality than the Tomaselli originals, almost exactly the same dimensions but did need inserts in the ends to accomdate the bar end weights and holes drilling for the switch gear - not a big job when you consider they’re a lot cheaper than the Guzzi originals and better quality as well.

Hi,Thanks, I did think they were 7/8" but I had to check.Eddie.

I’m not nit picking but are they not 22mm? 7/8in is slightly over and you have to be careful when replacing clamps as it’s possible to crack them by forcing them over the extra 0.25mm

Good warning Doug -I’ve bought Tomaselli’s & found I’d need longer cables, so found a Renthal bar -it’s definitely slightly thicker, & I even have to get busy with a file or …

Well I can’t find a set of handlebars to fit. What I am after is a set of bars which have a clamp area of 6.5" or over with a slight rise but not flat. If anyone has some and they want to sell them or even just part with them then my Cali 3 would be grateful.Thanks Eddie.The reason the clamp area needs to be of 6.5" is because I aim to keep the standard handlebar clamp and clocks.

Eddie Cox2012-05-15 20:02:30

Look at “Norton straight” bars they are not quite straight

Or get some made by Roy of osmc?

Near 8.5" of clamp area.