Handlebar switches


Is there a good replacement for Lego switches ? I cant find anything that has indicators, lights on/off, Dip and Main, flash, horn and park.

I am ditching the lego switches. Having just taken them apart (actually they mostly fell apart) to find why there were no connections. - to ugly to describe here !

Any suggestions welcome.

Also does anyone know if LSD was still legal at the time that Mandello Del Lilria thought that Lego switches were a good idea ? I am sure there is a connection.



In my day it was Yamaha Trail bike switches, 2nd hand from OME for a quid.

I put a Honda VTR left-hand switch on my Spada. Has all the right functions and seem reasonably common on eBay.
The right-hand switch only does the starting now, the kill switch is disabled.

People like Gutsibits, Stein-Dinse etc also have various replacement switches but they looked a bit cheap and cheerful to me.

Domino switches are pretty robust, and seem to come in a range of layouts. It may be worth seeing if they do LH switchgear that replicates the Guzzi layout.

I must be odd as I love the old lego switches! They work fine for me.

I used Ducati ST2 / 4 switches on my V50. It took an evening at the kitchen table with a soldering iron to map everything to the Guzzi block connectors.

Me too. I still have the originals on my T3, and they work perfectly well. If I am honest, the ergonomics of the switches on my Yamaha and Ural (the latter are Domino) are both better, but I have no problems with the legos.

I have even older switch gear on my bike, the original 750S/850T type. I have junked the dip switch that rotated around the the handlebar with symbols on the clutch lever bracket as this was complete pants. I have rewired the other swtiches so I now have lights on/off on the RH side that used to be the kill switch and dip/main on the LH side that used to be the indicators (no indicators on the bike) The start an horn buttons remain in their original places. Lights and dip/main switches now also activate relays so there are no high loads at the bars which should give the tiny switch contacts a chance. There is a copy of my revised wiring diagram here http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/phpbbforum/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=16390

I am about to refit the loom back on the frame and will inspect and test all components so I may need to clean or repair as required, we will see. All crimped connectors were soldered as well so I’m hoping all is still well with the spaghetti!

Thanks People. Its always a pleasure using this forum.

I would love to keep the Lego switches as the rest of the bike is more or less original. I may rebuild them over some dark winter night.

The bike is now 14 months into a 2 month rebuild… and I want to get it on the road this summer, so I will look into the options you have posted. I just want something that is unobtrusive and works with my nice new Gregory Bender wiring loom. All of the options I looked at had different functions on the switches and I didn’t want to start chopping the loom up.


You can still get new legos, if you want to keep the original look. Gutsibits do them, but don’t seem to have any in stock at the mo.

There are some on eBay, I think it might have been Nik’s Euro bits selling them.

A little trick with the left switch is to rotate it round so the lights on off switch is at the bottom, this puts the indicators level with your thumb and the hi / lo switch within easy reach,
Also put a bit of white paint under the indicator switch so you can easily see if they are on or off at a glance.

I’ve still got the CEV switches on my '72 loop, and they are perfectly reliable so far. Indicators are on the right which is a pain, but not as bad as the unreliable indicator switch I had on the SP. It would sometimes work but not always, in spite of dismantling and cleaning inside.

Yeah ditto that for me, though Blue had the LH side swapped out before my current period of tenureship. Black Pearl is still running the originals though (take note Buzz - ORIGINAL), and with the kill switch disabled (killed?)

Maybe we should set up a sub-section for Lego Lovers?

Have modded a couple of Guzzis with switchgear from Suzuki X7s which does the job with the same functions. Important thing to remember is that Japanese switchgear switches the positive current, while Guzzi gear switches the negative or earth current, makes a lot of difference.

Lots of useful bits on X7s. I’ve recently got myself an exhaust off one to try and fit to my Bantam ‘Pie Crust Racer’.