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http://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzitech.dk/gb_en_technical_moto-guzzi-frame-numbers.htm#frame_#_list I am in the Middle of Buying a Bike that is labeled as a Le Man , frame Number VE17715. The Guy seems genuine , But it fairly obvious the Bike is a Le Man2 What say the Knowledgeable ones

1st series Mk 2 methinx. X

It says in the Bible, the word according to Ian Falloon, chapter 5 that the frame number quoted belongs to a first-series Le Mans 11.

According to Mick Walker’s ’ V-Twins restoration ', frame numbers ve 13041 to ve 24086 where mk2 Le Mans 1978 - 1980

As Always , Informative . Now then , What % Drop in value should this motorcycle experience from being sold as a Restorable Le man to actually being a Mk2 I realise this is a "“How long is a Piece of string”: question but i am asking in %s Seasonal Greetings

Approaching 50 % I should think, if its roughish its worth 2 - 2500.
Only my opinion tho, but we have got a few…

Seems to me that the description is correct, if not absolutely complete. The bike is a Le Mans, just a Mk II, not a Mk I.Whether that affects the price you are prepared to pay is for you to work out with the vendor. I certainly don’t think the vendor was in any way trying to deceive.If you were only looking for a Mk I, then wait till one comes up and pay the price.

Apart from “Bragging rights” there is not really alot of difference in the actual ride … tends to be what it is worth to an owner, and what YOU want a bike for.

I disagree there GB, we have 2 MK 2, s, they are different rides. Bikes vary bike to bike, never mind model to model I believe.
The people I find that pour scorn on those who see the beauty and worth of originality, do so i the main because they do not posess it themselves.
I am not precious about any of our stuff, but it’s perceived value is not lost on me.

No insult intended, I have ridden both the Mk1 and 2 … alot depends on their owners, how they have been treated and any mods…

I have no opinion either way an origional is what it is and has it’s value as has a bike owned , loved and modified to suit it’s owner.

Older Guzzis are either spot on as per OR have had many simple or maybe not so simple mods done by previous owners.

My V11 Le Mans i have is alot different to a standard out of the box one BUT It is changed for my use… as for the V1000 well it has had many things altered to suit it’s use.

Noted GB …x

My mk2 frame no. is ve 24432 1981 if that is of any interest.