Have you seen the New V7?

Hot of the press the first pictures and info



Looks fab. They have certainly had their moneys worth out of that old V50 frame and block :laughing:

Special looks best in my eyes, but I’m not sure about this modern-day obsession with short mudguards and LCD clock(s) on a retro bike?
I hope it sells well and I hope they do something more adventurous for their next new model… but I do fear Moto Guzzi have become the ‘fashion’ brand for Piaggio.

I’ve since realised the Special does have analogue clocks, so credit to Moto Guzzi. I’d still swap the front mudguard for something longer though :wink:

LCD clocks are cheap compared to proper analogue. Is it retro, or is it all they have?

Does look nice! Torque spec is just a fraction less than my Bellagio (although power is about 9hp down compared with Bellagio’s 74hp) but with max torque at just 3k rpm should still make the V7 850 a great ride :smiley:

Interesting to see what weight is, I’m guessing with larger engine/sump/exhaust/shaft etc obviously heavier than current V7 III but if it comes in <200kg dry then I could be seriously tempted :sunglasses:

edit: Bellagio dry weight is 224kgs, current V9 is 194kg and V7 III Stone 193kg so if about 196kg for new V7 850 Stone then that’s 12% lighter than Bellagio, power also down the same 12% so I’ll be definately checking out the new 850 when it arrives sometime in 2021 :wink:


Beware there is quite about of wrong tech info out there, for details better refer to the official Moto Guzzi Website!

Cheers Uki

Believe that is 80% of maximum torque at 3000 rpm.

The maximum torque is actually delivered higher up the rev range than the heron headed stone. Maximum power is also delivered at more revs. Therefore, on single carriageway A roads and B roads the 850 if unlikely to perform any better than the heron headed V7, unless ridden with proper enthusiasm where ones license is at risk as the adrenaline rises.

When I see the spec’s of the V85tt (single shock, USD forks just to start) I am serious underwhelmed by this evolution. I see this as image Moto Guzzi. I so hope there is a riders Moto Guzzi Roadster along shortly. Hirer foot rests and exhausts for better ground clearance, 17" wheels like the old Breva 750 to sharpen the steering and suspension spec’s to match the V85tt.

It would be good to see an 850 Le Mans too, but I can’t contort around clip-ons any longer, so wouldn’t be right for me.

According to official MG website the dry weight is 198kg for the Stone and 203kg for the Special