Headlight brackets

Hi, I am looking for a pair of T3/G5/Convert type headlight brackets if anyone has any for sale. (for my sadly corroded T3 Cali) Cheers John.


I have a pair, in fair condition but they were involved in an altercation one is slightly bent and the other with a broken end. Yours for free if you pay the postage.

Best wishes Chris


I have these aluminium ones too, same deal, free to you just cover the postage. You will need nuts and bolts to clamp them together. These were more recently on my 950S but I have now found some sexy cast aluminium ones. :grinning:

Best wishes Chris

Hi Chris, I don’t think I can fix the genuine ones, but I’d like to give the alloy ones a go. I f you tell me what you want for postage I can transfer it to you.
Thanks so much, John.

Hi John

Bit of a selection for you. Top left is NOS £65 The rest in various states of neglect £20

The s/h ones will be going for rechroming at some point.

Regards, Nik

Hi Nik, Thanks, used ones are not quite good enough unfortunately. Have you a good source for re-chroming? I hear it is getting very pricey. Cheers John/

John it will cost about the same as a pint of Doom Bar, £4.30 across the road from me. :beer:

Rechroming has always been expensive but it looks as though Chris950s has the solution!

Ready for posting. :+1:
Now posted :+1:

Sorry Chris I got carried away cleaning my motorhome that had turned green over the Cornish, very soggy, winter and completely forgot about the brackets which were still in the packaging in the conservatory.
Thank you for your help, I think they will clean up nicely. I am gathering the parts I need to refurb the Cali so that there will be as little down time as possible when I start work on it.

Thanks again John.

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From memory they were Tomaselli parts, but I am not certain. Glad they got to you ok. I think they were originally lacquered so you may have to strip that first before polishing.

I look forward to seeing the finished Cali :+1: