I am looking for a replacement headlight for my V50. I want to change the bulb to the later H4, with the 3 tabs. Prefer a deep bowl so I can fit a LED bulb. The LED bulb has a heat sink so it will not fit in the shallow bowl.
Any suggestions, (sensible) please.

Check out Ring Headlights.
I cannot do links.

How about a Lucas type chrome headlight shell, they are quite deep and accept any old car 7" headlight unit so you could use a car LED unit.


Why do you want an LED headlight bulb.

I very rarely drive in the dark, but the other evening driving home in the dark I realised that I can’t see a lot! The first idea was to fit an uprated bulb but the options are limited with the old H4 fittings. I did get over this by fitting an adaptor ring. Although the charging system was considered adequate at the time it wasn’t designed for running with headlamps on all the time, at 3000rpm the output is only about 15A, if everything is working 100%. The LED produces a white light with a current consumption of 1.8A

Sorry went back to read it again “replacement headlight” - is what i would do, complete unit not just tinker about changing bulbs. Seems a good idea just to put a LED version in, where an H4 was, thing is the filament postions in an H4 are critical for correct light pattern. LED bulb cannot duplicate this, unless anyone knows differently.

Re uprated bulb, have you tried a H4 Philips X-treme or Osram(?) Night Breaker?

Also probably a lot of resistance in the headlight wiring, separate loom direct from battery and dip/main switching relays controlled from the dip switch can make a dramatic difference.


Fortunately I have a genuine headlamp and reflector. I am not going to “modify” and ruin that. Just want to get a shell and reflector that looked similar. Yes the LED bulbs are not officially legal, but with care you can get a decent pattern.

OK, alternative unit then. :smiley: