heated grips

Hi there I am considering some heated grips for my 2010 Stelvio does anyone have any recommendations for suitable grips as I’ve heard Guzzi ones aren’t that good cheers Tim

I use Oxford wraps over grips…they aint bad…

Just fitted R & G ones in time for the summer :unamused:
They are too hot on setting 5 but nice on 3. Maybe if the air temp was about zero setting 5 would not be too hot!

I use these on a couple of bikes - I prefer them as you can retain the OE grips.


Wraps are for the enlightened

I have a set of those supplied by Windingroads on my Griso, they work well and are very neat.Â

Ha…thats me Kev…not…if I was enlightened I’d still be riding a UJM…

I had to stiffle a titter as heated grip has a different connotation in the highlands…

careful, stffling your titters can get you locked up south of Berwick :frowning:



edit: I used a set of snowmobile heated elements under the foam grips on the 1100 and Oxfords on other machines.

Hi Tim,

I have just fitted Oxford Adventure grips to my 2011 Stelvio. They work well but are a bit of a pain to fit. See the Stelvio/Breva heated grips post.