Heated Grips

Morning all,can anyone tell me if the factory heated grips from a Stelvio will fit a Breva 1100 & is it a simple plug & play job?Any help/advice appreciated.Lee C

I don’t think so, they are different part numbers.
Others may have more info…

The best people to ask are either the 2nd hand spares places or even a dealer. sometimes the part number changes due to the grips being the same BUT the connector plugs may be different.

If they don’t, then get a set of Oxford or similar heated grips, and connect them into the Guzzi wiring.But unless the bar diameter is different, I would be surprised if they didn’t fit.

There are only 2 standard bar sizes the Harley at 1" and some other American or Custom bikes and the rest 7/8th inch. The only difference will be the actual connector which can be changed

Might just be the length of wire attached.

All I know is I’ve just had the heated grips fitted to my Stelvio and they are not cheap compared to off the shelf Oxford type grips, I ended up paying £126 for the grips and £60 labour charge so £186 in total, but having said that I knew the price before I brought them so I cant complain, and they are very good.

Hope you get it sorted

I remember reading something, possibly Guzzitech, about a change in the switch. This happened when then handlebar switchgear changed circa 2007. Worth checking the detail.

For what it’s worth. In my opinion heated gloves are better than heated grips by far. Yes, I have both and don’t even bother with the grips any more.
Admitted the gloves are more hassle - but worth it.

Don’t bother with permant heated grips. They are hard and permantly detract from your riding offering poor feed back. Get some quality comfort grips for riding in the summer.By the time it is cold enough for heated grips you’ll have winter gloves on, so a pair of wrap around heated grips will do.