Heavy clutch on V35


I have just bought a 1982 V35 and am finding the clutch heavy to operate. Is this standard for a small block and/or is there anything I can do to lighten it?


Lube the cable really well and check the routing, avoid sharp bends. Maybe invest in a Venhills Nylocable. They are good on my SP.
Put a bit of oil on the actuating arm on the back of the gearbox.

Hello Ben
As Don said, cable lubrication is worth doing. In the Haynes manual they show a plasticine funnel around the end of the cable that you pour oil into, this may work but it is fiddly and prone to be messy. I have one like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hydraulic-Motorcycle-Motorbike-Quad-Car-Cable-Oiler-Proffessional-Quality/360856912477?hash=item5404bf825d:g:WDkAAOSwx5larpy- but I do not necessarily recommend this seller. It works by forcing oil down between the outer and inner cable parts under pressure until it drips out of the other end. Good piece of kit!
Cable routing, again as Don said, is equally important. I hope you sort it out and enjoy the bike.
Best wishes Chris

Thanks for these tips. I will try this route. I really appreciate your help.
very best

Yeah, I’d guess the V35 set-up must be the same as for the V50. Unless you have previously been spoilt by something quite feather light then the clutch action should not be too arduous. So what the others said really. The other check possibly worth making is that the operating arm on the back of the gearbox moves freely and hasn’t got a bit sticky with corrosion.

As an aside, on my last four trips, on four different bikes, I’ve had four clutch actuation problems. Three cables and one hydraulic. You might want to consider buying a new replacement and carrying the old one as a spare.