Heavy clutch

I have a V7 classic and considering it’s more of a round town sorta bike the clutch is well heavy, after a 100 miles I’m begging for mercy. Is this normal for a GUZZI? Maybe I’m just being a wimp and all GUZZI riders have hands and forearms like silverback gorillas.
Has anyone tried putting a hydraulic clutch kit on one?

Cheers Paul

I fear something is wrong. My V7 Classic has a light clutch. Perhaps you have issues with the cable, lever pivot or the pivot pin at the back of the gearbox. This can get gummed up and corroded. A good hot wash in soapy water to remove the grime and road grit, followed by a good squirt of plus gas, a bit of wiggling to free it all off and then some nice fresh grease rubbed well in!

Thanks David appreciate the advice, the cable doesn’t look to be very well routed so I’ll start there.

Rear gearbox pivot point is often left dry with no grease from the dealer pdi and slowly corrodes , clutch has never been heavy on small blocks

Other failure point is the tail thrust bearing at the back of the box, clutch gets very heavy and slowly forces the push rod to weld its self to the clutch cover centre disk

Best fully investigated and sorted before you ride again

I’ve never ridden any Guzzi which had a heavy cluctch.
My 750 Breva is fine.
As above check cable routing, the lever arm at the gearbox and clutch arm action with the cable removed.
And no you are not a wimp, they ride Ducati’s.

Gonna take a look at the pivoty bits on my Breva 1100 after reading this, thanks advisors.

Hasn’t the breva 1100 got a hydraulic operated clutch?

I have owned 5 Guzzi’s.
2 have hydraulic clutches.
The other 3 had normal clutches properly set up which were/are slightly lighter.
My 250 Ducati was a completely different story.

so that’s as good as it’s going to get, huh? :blush:

I’ve been rrading up on small block clutch problems because I’m enjoying a garage weekend giving the Breva a good seeing-to (oo er Missus). Is there any simple test to determine the above symptoms? I don’t think this has happened but I’m going through the clutch iperation from top to bottom and just want to eliminate anything that contributes to the heavy feel at the lever.

Thanks in advance,

:laughing: why tell him you’v spoilt the fun now :smiling_imp:

All cleaned up, mechanism checked, clutch arm pivot hole drilled out slightly as preventative maintenance, new cable, all pivots lubed and tested. I think the Breva is now demonstrating what I would describe as a normal clutch operation for a small block. It is still heavier than ideal, though, for the missus.

So, having the bike up on the lift with the swinging arm removed has got me thinking. The new V9 engines use a longer arm to operate the clutch, with the cable itself actually outboard of the frame (maybe the later V7s do this too?). There is room to fit a longer clutch operating arm to the Breva, too, with some relocation of the Reg/Rec and airbox drain pipes to make a bit of room. It will require a custom made arm and an offset cable mounting but I reckon it will achieve a 20% reduction in operating effort (with 20% more lever travel required, of course).

Has anyone tried this?