Heavy V7 III Clutch?

Hi there,

As this is my first Guzzi, let alone a V7, I have nothing to compare against - but I reckon my clutch pull action is well heavy.

It’s a 2018 model, so how heavy/ light should they be? And if they are light, and mine is indeed heavy, what is the best fix?

Thanks for looking

Only one thing for it: get yourself to a branch meet, or a V7 gathering (they do that, you know :shushing_face: ) and have a play with someone else’s lever.

One thing you might do, before you set off: have a bit of a lay down on the floor and eyeball the clutch actuating thingy area - a bit prone to crudding up, sadly, that whole area, and a squirt of your preferred de-crudding & lubricating potion might be welcomed.

Also, routing of clutch cable can be a factor*, and (potentially) a squirt of cable lube (but care here, as some cables like that and others don’t. Apparently).

*Again, eyeball someone else’s, maybe take a photo or two?


So this is a V7 III? Assuming it’s like V7 850 as I’ve got, can’t be that different. Mine is light as my AJS Cadwell’s which is a 125. (!)
+1 check out actuating arm and cable rear of gearbox. This is perfectly placed to catch all the spray off the rear tyre. There’s a mod you can do which is to add a bit of mudflap to extend the front of the mudguard down behind the swingarm pivot.

That’s a good call Barry, I will certainly look at the bike itself and lookout for local bike meets. Thanks

Hi Mike,
I am getting the impression here that it’s likely I will come across a load of crud under the bike. I will confirm later today. I like the idea of the mudflap extender.
My V7 is a daily user most of the year. I don’t think the Italians designed the bike for anything other than sunny days!

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Yes, you’re only supposed to take them out when the sun shines! :smiley:

Quick diversion - I had a Piaggo X10 maxi-scooter a few years ago. The fusebox has a square hole in the bottom, which is only an aid to assembly at the factory. Immediately beneath this hole is the rear tyre. Guess what happens if you ride on a wet road. Several bikes had main harness replaced under warranty, because of corroded fusebox. Nightmare job for someone because so much has to come off to get down to the bare frame. :worried: