Hello and grrrrrr

Hi everyone and greetings from France.
This aging juvenile just easing back into biking after a 20yr plus layoff. Last “doing it” bike was a 900 SD Ducati Darmah. Plenty of Guzzi experience on a mates Lemon II (1100cc) whose engine I worked on and rode whenever I could.
I bought a 992 Ducati ST3s mid January and Guzzi Norge 1200 a fortnight ago. Both are big V-twins but you know that :smiley: . Both have lots of that Italien something, “Charisma”? Both are the dogs dooh dah’s one or two-up at high cruising speeds, you may know that too. So why the “grrrr”? Well, both handle like blindfolded pigs at low speeds; roundabouts, car-parks or just in town :astonished:
Why on earth make modern bikes downright dangerous in the interest of European Emissions Regulations?
OK, rant over. There’s plenty on the net covering this absurd situation and some after-market electronic gizmo which bypasses Euro regulations and is thus probably illegal, would seem the way to go.
My question then, is who has fitted what to “completely” overcome this absurd throttle on/off/on situation which should never be there in the first place :imp: .
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Apologies if my question is posted in the wrong place - newbie and all that

Hello and welcome.
The Finbeau system gets plenty of positive feedback.
Good luck

Thanks for the reply. There seems to be two possibilities, a “lite” version and a “tuneable” version.
Which would be best and did you have this problem?

Bit more Steve.
Thanks for the link. I have just read the reviews and sent a query.
I still can’t get my head around the fact you pay thousands for bike then have buy something like this to make it safe to ride :frowning:

I have fitted the Finebau black magic box, after 12 years and 8 continental trips
its not just Goozis that suffer from this problem
certain large Bavarian monkey wagens suffer likewise
its something to do with the fuel being shut off at low revs to reduce emissions
of course motor car manufactures have come up with various ways around it, but have been caught out big time
I know several rider of German Motorcycles that have the things re chipped as soon as they have purchased them
this costs around 300 quid

stick the widget on and dont worry
or have the ECU re Mapped at 3 times the price

Thanks for the confidence check.
I have been in comms with Dave at Finebau who has been most helpful, particularly proposing a 30 trial or return option so no worries. I will order and fit and post here the results.
My Duke is lined up for a bit of the same later…what a situation :unamused:
Dry roads every one :slight_smile:

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