Hello and Identity crisis - Strange frame and engin numbers.


I am Chris and I have just joined the forum. Great site, and very useful for the T3 rebuild I am in the middle of. I have had the bike since 1992 and it has been unused for at least a decade.

At least I thought it was a T3. The VIN plate had been painted over so I cleaned it off. This is what I found:

Frame No. VG 163** . The Engine number VE 1015**

I looked up the number plate on the internet and found that someone claimed to have owned a V5 1000 with the same reg sometime in the distant past.

The frame tables suggest that it is a G5 Convert, and the engine number does not seem to conform to any frame number that I can find (VE frame numbers start at VE 111, my engine number starts at VE 101 )

From http://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzitech.dk/gb_en_technical_moto-guzzi-frame-numbers.htm

V 1000 I Convert VG 11111 - VG 25693
V 1000 G5 VG 18744 - VG 25693
1000 SP & 1000 SP-NT VG 18781 - VG 25693

I will take the heads off at some later point and measure the barrels.From memory I think they are 83 mm but I could be wrong.

Can anyone tell me if the frame and engine numbers should match, and whether the VG frame suffix and VE engine number mean that the bike is a hybrid.