Hello from Scotland.

Firstly, many thanks to Jennet for her assistance in accessing the forum.
About 39 years ago I owned a Mk1 Le Mans that I’ve always regretted selling. I bought it off a dealer friend who set it up as a Battle of the Twins contender. Easy going friends would always give me a tow to start it as it had been tweaked too much for the starter and batteries of old, even after a Primus stove gave the sump a pre-heat.
Earlier this week I bought a bit of a G5 V1000 mongrel that looks to be in standard tune but that had been lightly cafe racer restyled.
The mechanicals seem ok although I’m suspecting there’s a small leak from the rear main crank seal.
It’s still on points, one of which had closed up and necessitated a relearn of setting points, dwell and timing.
I’m really pleased with her and get adequate joy of riding her at the posted speed limits, - unlike my other bikes which tempt me into bad habits.
I’m hoping to access your general knowledge on favoured oils, a CDI unit and anything else that comes up as I go through a service routine.
I’m also toying with the idea of joining up with an old acquaintance at Dover for a trip on the G5 to Italy in September.

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Cheers Uki

Sounds good. And we always enjoy an oil thread.

Stick to points.

Hi and welcome back to Guzzi ownership. It just proves that even after 39 years, that Guzzi bug can still surface and tempt you back to the fold.

Hello and welcome :smiley:

Still no vaccine as far as I know?

Welcome to the club

Thanks all for your comments👍🏻