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Hello, recently joined the club/forum but yet to own a Moto Guzzi
I’m a “Returning Biker” having passed my motorcycle test in the 80’s and have bought another brand of bike that suited my needs on various levels as my introduction to come back to biking.
The Moto Guzzi V7 was on my short list but decided to go for another brand.

However, having test rode a MG V7 Stone recently I’m now in a tricky position as to my next move.
The bike i have is great, but i have a calling for the Moto Guzzi V7 (Stone or Classic)
Currently working out the numbers and the best way to take this forward.

Which Guzzi to chose! If only all life’s problems were so enjoyable.

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The “Stone” being contemporary minimalistic design and the classic being “Classic” I’m hoping to find a dealer that has both models in stock that’s within a reasonable distance, however if i have to travel then so be it.

I am now the proud owner of a Moto Guzzi Stone V7 Special Edition.
Couldn’t be more pleased. I didn’t get much sleep the night before collecting it :grinning:


Just starting the engine and not even moving an inch was enough to think this could be my next bike having already bought a bike a couple of months previous.
The test ride I did was probably no more than 5 miles but was enough to keep me thinking and finally did the deal. The ride home from the dealer was exciting.

I’m now in the running in period (900 miles), the manual doesn’t provide any details regarding the running in process. (Unless i have missed it)
It’s booked in for it’s first service, does anyone know what the valve clearances should be as these are checked and adjusted as needed as part of the first service?

Congratulations! And with the nice riding weather finally arrived, too!

With regard to your ‘running in’ and ‘valve clearances’ questions, you might want to post them separately in the Technical section, in the category for your Guzzi. Cheers!

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Congratulations on your new purchase. I hope you realise that one Guzzi is rarely enough for most people and before you know it a second one will appear in the garage :grinning:
For the service information, you should find most parts books, user and workshop manuals in this website.

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Thank you! I had considered keeping my current bike but used it to P/X for the V7
Having two bikes is something I may visit at a later date.
Thank you for the link. Have ordered a pair of engine bars which looks to involve undoing the frame bolts (Marked with yellow) which presumably require to be tightened to a specific torque setting.