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Man the footfall around this place is quiet now unless the place is mostly populated by lurkers? I do try and add an entry somewhere each time I visit.

The “What did you do on your Guzzi” thread appears to be the Butch Blog these days :confused:

Hiya I’m still here and trying to do my bit to keep things going :smiley:
Here’s a memory of last summer, warm weather and when we were allowed to venture out beyond our immediate vicinity.

Guzzi Stornello by Don West, on Flickr

Well this post could well be my last before my membership expires, unless it gets taken down first?!? :laughing: :unamused:

As some of you will know, I’ve decided not to renew my membership for many reasons; however probably THE most telling reason is the lack of footfall & sensible engagement on this forum, which appears to be withering due mainly to the fixation that people have with Facebook.

This Club will claim that they have to be on Facebook to encourage new membership - REALLY?

If you’re not a member of Facebook then you cannot see anything on the Facebook page because its a closed group, well that’s welcoming?
Unfortunately those who should know better seem to have nailed the clubs colours to the Facebook mast on behalf of the membership, which WILL eventually lead to the final demise of this forum by default. Perhaps there should be a small print disclaimer for new members that a Facebook subscription is required to be a member of The Club.

My last & final plea to The Management:
Your choice is simple; either open up the facebook page so that anyone (including club members) can read it & thereby stoke interest in the marque or just bite the bullet & close this forum, which WILL die a natural death due to Facebook. The two cannot carry on as they are, one will have to become subservient to the other, it’s the nature of the beast.

With FB being SO easy for FB members to use why would they bother posting on this forum?
Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti Social Media, I used to be a member of FB until I got fed up with the advertising & the inane comments of some.
I’m still a member of Twitter & run a Guzzi Flickr photographic group. I’m computer literate & nearly 60 but totally understand that some people do not use Facebook or choose not to use Facebook, unfortunately it appears that some of those in this club who should know better don’t seem to understand that.

Rant over

Hope to bump in to some of the Essex Group as & when we’re clear of Lockdown & the threat of Covid is diminishing, be in no doubt I don’t see that happening until a lot later in the year.

I still log in to this forum every day, as well as facebook, To be honest I only use facebook for the bike forums and ignore most of the other drivel

I for one will be sorry to see the Forum disappear.

I am not on Facebook and have no intention of joining unless it becomes a fait accompli, ie the forum is closed down.

I find the Forum useful as it is well laid out and easy to page through all the historic posts. I’m not sure how easy that is on Facebook.

I go onto the Forum just about every day.



Yes I’m on FB, I’m be on that daily also, and yes - I’d agree that it is hat has slowed traffic here.

FB is easier to post pics, either from a folder or even as a screen clip. It takes no resizing or thought to do that. I don’t post pics here, I’m guess I’m just too lazy.

A point on the Club FB Page being closed - that is very normal for groups. I don’t understand the full impact of what opening it up might do, but there is a lot of trolling unpleasantness out there and it maybe cuts down on that. I’m on a US V50 group that is public and it always makes me feel more vulnerable. We also get uppity there from time to time when our admins pulled stuff for reasons that aren’t always clear - but even in a closed community they have to keep the Clubs reputation foremost.

I used to put conversational stuff up, with lots of pics, on FB and come here for tech advice; but with the much higher traffic volume out there now that is also the best place for it. Often you’ll get an answer within minutes (and occasionally it is useful).

Having said that, FB is one of those awful corporate grab and own everything kind of deals so for sure I can understand anyone’s reluctance to join up. As someone far smarter than me has said - if you are not paying for on line services then you are not the customer you are the product.

When I was a moderator on here before and after the Guzzirider split, I got the impression that the committee very rarely visited the forum (some not at all) and the consensus I heard through the grapevine was that the forum was not a necessity for the club. Please correct me if I am wrong, but apart from Uki’s sterling work and her input, and also Roger visiting to find things to advertise in Gambalunga, I think this is still the case.

Personally I do not have emails on my phone nor do I search the interweb on it, because I sit in front of a computer at work and do all of my email and web browsing on my PC. It is my choice, as what I do not want is my phone buzzing outside work hours from my clients! I try to separate my work from play. My kids put me on Facebook many years ago as for most of the week they were at their mothers, when I realised that all of my photos and data were no longer my property I stopped using it. I am sorry Steve that I took down my post ranting about stolen data and I agree that this happens in lots of spheres of our modern life, but I will not join Facebook, it has no appeal to me.

I will keep on riding my dinosaur motorbike and using the dinosaur forum for as long as I can. To Butch, it will be a sad day when you leave the club and leave a hole in the Essex branch. We will have to look for another branch representative, as the club rules dictate that the branch contact must be a member of the club. Or is this just a cunning plan to shed the role and then rejoin again later?

+1 For the dinosaurs,
Never been on Facebook,
Will keep on keeping on, (on here)

  1. Ok, official hat on: From the 10 Committee Members, 6 are not on Facebook (1 has an account but doesn’t really use it), 4 are active on FB (me included, I wish I could reduce my time there, but it is unfortunately my best source of information)
    For example:
    Last years cancellation of the “1000 Bikes” was 2 days earlier on Twitter, 1 day earlier on FB, before it finally got put on the VMCC Website (in the Form of a Twitter Feed!)
    “The Carlo Guzzi Club” in Mandello only operates on FB, so if I want info about the Centenary I need to go on their FB page

  2. One can’t turn the time back so Social Media are here to stay, FB might get overtaken by an other one eventually, but there is the proverb - better the devil you know…

  3. Are committee members active on here, 4 of them are!

  4. There’s horses for courses, a Forum is much better to look up older posts/info (whom do I tell :smiley: , hence my request for help to sort the Technical Section and create an even more useful “Library”) FB is faster because the ‘userpool’ is bigger.

  5. A Forum run by volunteers will always have problems to compete with a multimillion enterprise, especially on the technical aspects.

  6. This Forum is only as active as you make it, the more interresting stuff you post the more people will look at it and hopefully post more stuff. So get the Snowball rolling, post more, tell your friends…

Still pop in here from time to time, a lot easier now thanks to Uki and the team, this site is a lot more regulated than FB and responses tend to be more insightful, so hope it continues.

I’m not on facebook and I have no intention of ever joining. I hope this forum continues for a long time yet.
I don’t have any stats but, from the pictures and stories that I see in Gambalunga, I expect that most MGCGB members are in the 40+ age group. So, although many may use facebook I doubt they have the addiction of the younger generation. Uki is correct to encourage forum users to post more as this in itself generates more footfall as people log in to see what is new. My suspicion is that forum users only write “sensible” posts whereas facebook users may feel free to post trivia. This means there is more activity which then generates further activity. I would imagine that the club members who don’t use the forum might believe its content is too dry. However, as I stated above, I’m not on facebook so this just conjecture.

The forum is great for historical tech info. Long may it continue!

The club facebook should be closed to member. If people want to access, Join the club!

Thanks you to all who moderate this forum and the Facebook pages.

Biggest problem I find is the restriction on photo sizes here. It is pretty standard for these kinds of forums I know but I thought storage was supposed to be pretty inexpensive these days (and since Y2K days at least). It’s unlimited on FB of course, but then they get to advertise to us there.

I usually visit this forum if I’m using the PC otherwise I tend to look at the Farcebook group. With nothing happening at the moment I don’t have much to contribute other than a fervent wish to continue to lower the tone of Essex Branch meetings by turning up on my scruffy old Honda. Even that has only emerged from under it’s cover once this year when I used it for work when I had a midday start.


Too much time spent on You Tube unearthed this gem