Helmet theft, Canterbury, Today?

Went to Canterbury with my lad today, after a bit of an issue with fuel contamination on his bike. Nice ride out, parked in Queningate about 2pm. Noted a BMW GS 1200(?) as I parked my GS next to it, my lad parked one bike away from a Green & Silver Mandello, with a helmet padlocked to the rack

Wandered off into town, came back to the bikes about 4pm. The GS looked like its top box had been opened - it was a vario, I don’t recall it being open when I parked, and then I noted the helmet had disappeared from the Mandello’s rack.

I could be wrong, and there could be perfectly reasonable explanations for both observations, but my guess is that some little scumbag has just spoiled two peoples’ Christmas.

It would probably be morally indefensible to think of one of the victims catching the oik in the act and breaking his fingers slowly.

your helmet stolen? do you know that the Mandello owner didn’t return and collect their helmet? what’s the purpose of this post?

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Happily my lid, and my son’s lid were not stolen. I do not know that anything was, as I said, there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation.

The point is, if you must have one, that helmets can be easily stolen, even when you might think that they were locked to the bike, and thus safe.

It may be that the Mandello belonged to one of our number, I guess I might have been being a bit sympathetic

If you object to the post, just put me on ignore.

Merry Christmas!

If you object to the post, just put me on ignore

you may be confusing this forum with Facebook. there is no ‘ignore’ facility here. I was just wondering if you were reporting an actual problem at a specific spot, perhaps issuing a useful warning to fellow members, or offering assistance to a member subject to a theft.

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Don’t do Facebook, so don’t know.

I think simply reporting an observation, and expressing a regret that such things seem so commonplace, and, based on experience, reflecting that Kent plod will issue a crime number if you insist, and do nothing more.

there kind of is…

Thanks for the heads up. I always thought of Canterbury as being one of thd more genteel places in South East.

Merry Christmas


It occurred to me that it might have been one of the V100s that turned out on our monthly sessions.

Either way, if your lid gets stolen, it’d take the shine off your day.

Have a great Christmas (and thx for the offer re the stand!)