Help! 1100i sump bolts

Just trying to my first oil and filter change on my California 1100i.I have removed all 12 socket head screws from the perimeter of the sump but it seem to be stuck fast.Have I missed anything?Before I try to jar it loose with a few thumps.Haynes book of vagaries and half-truths is no use.

Take out the ones in the middle on the sump that you may not have noticed…

Brilliant! Thank you.I just found 4 x 10 mm bolt heads in 2 pairs.May I just check, please?These ARE supposed to come out aren’t they?Not attached to anything inside?Byron 07811114567

Velton2014-07-25 12:55:30

You’re right! They are through bolts into the crankcase.
I find that putting the sump back can be a faff and use either a couple of wood blocks or a jack to lift the sump to within 10mm of the case before fitting the perimeter bolts.
New gasket smeared with grease and away you go!
All the best

Thank you both.14 socket head screws - not 12!All now re-assembled ready for Ardingly tomorrow, probably but depending on the weather.

Had to smile - been there!


Think we all did that first time, never again tho.