HELP HELP Griso problems

Hi, just got my self a Griso and so far done 81 miles on her. I went to take it out tonight and I noticed that a message saying service on the display plus I have no speedo It stays at 0 even if I am going along. The bike has just been serviced so I know it is not due. Can anyone help please.Eddie.

Sounds like the infamous speedo sensor problem…

Thats what I was thinking, Were is it and how can I sort it? the bike is the SE so it has wire wheels.

Worth checking on guzzitech. The sensor is on the rear wheel so located on the far end of the carc somewhere…I think!

Thanks I found it, if I had cast wheels it would of been a simple job as you can gain access between the wheels, but due to the fact I have wire wheels, the rear wheel needs to come out and it has no center stand and I have no paddock stand so back to the dealer she goes.

The rear wheel needs to come out no matter what sort it is, or at least it is much easier to work at it with the wheel out. Removing the wheel is not a big deal. Like many others probably, I don’t have a stand. You can get it up onto axle stands, blocks, or any other suitable objects. A bottle jack or trolley jack or both are handy and you can also lever it from side to side to raise it bit by bit. That’s not a good description, but just to say that you can probably raise the bike one way or another instead of taking it to the dealer.

I thought that the sensors were meant to be improved / better sealed on the later bikes?

THe !SERVICE warning does not refer to a scheduled service being due. It is an alert to something wrong that the ECU does not like and I suppose, in a more perfect world than this, you’re meant to take the bike to an official service agent.

Do you think then the SERVICE message is coming up due to the fault with the speed sensor? Once I get the sensor out what do I need to do with it? do I just clean it up or do I have to replace it? I have removed the baffles from the Tamagnoni exhaust could this be a cause of the message?Thanks.

Yes, the faulty (damp) speedo sensor will always bring up the service light, as will a blown indicator bulb, it does not mean there is something seriously wrong with the bike.

Just given Moto Corsa a ring where I got the bike and he is sending me a new one in the post. I will take it for a ride tonight a see if I can get it to dry out.

I have a rear axle stand (homemade so beeg) you can borrow.
You will need a car to pick it up.

With the V11 what do is use a scissor jack to lift it up, with a wooden block then put axle stands under the front footrest pegs I found this the most stable by far as the axle stand cups fit nicely under the footrestbracket part where the footrest hinges.
Help to just hold the bike as you lift it on the jack is useful but for other work other than the wheel out I pop an acle stand on the offside and then lift the bike onto it from the sidestand then pop the nearside axle stand under the left hand footrest…

If you fit it, check to see if both look the same, if they do, worth smearing a bit of silicone sealant round the cable entry before fitting, probably worth doing anyway.

Thanks,I want to check for other faults but when I go to the fault code page it asks for a code, now I was told it had never been set, anyone know what the default code is.Thanks Eddie

Put some WD40 around switch over night, got it out to day and had same message but I decided to take it out anyhow and after about 50 yards speedo started working, service message disappeared and all is good in fact very good.

Yep, the !SERVICE message worried me, because it’s described as a serious ECU error, however as Brian says, it’s not necessarily terribly serious at all. While it wouldn’t clear when the bike was stationary, I was very relieved to see it disappear once the bike was moving…

There are 2 different codes: the user code that you are meant to decide and enter yourself (I think the factory default is all zeros) and the service code that is set by the factory and has to be entered to read the diagnostics. There are then two diagnostics lists, one for dash display errors that you can choose to clear, and one for ECU errors. The code that you need to enter on the Griso is 12425. Press the button the appropriate number of times (e.g. once) then hold the button in to select the number and get it to shift to next number in line. Repeat… e.g. pressing twice, or four or five times.belfastguzzi2012-08-11 00:53:55

Thanks I did have a look and that code worked.

Progress aint it marvellous !
but these modern things are making for more reliable vehicles
I would never want to go back to some fo the junk I rode in my youth
rapheal glynn2012-08-11 11:32:22

Yeh I mean after ONLY 250,000 miles the flippin rear bearing flange failed on my V1000, dohhhh