Help maintaining classic V50

I like to try to do maintenance work to my bikes when I can.
Unfortunately this is getting more difficult. I’m covered in bruises from changing the back wheel! Two new tyres from the bike shop but now the brakes aren’t working. Tried bleeding but that’s almost impossible. I either need somewhere to take bike in to get stuff done. Or someone who likes a challenge to come here.

Hi. What brake needs to be bled, front or dual? With dual one there is indeed a problem sometimes to push air out through T-piece. And, other possibility, if we speak about rear/dual one, as you might have set “no play” on pedal/master rod, now pedal up may mean the piston is still not withdrawn enough. Pedal fully up = master piston stays untouched.

Try pumping the pedal and lever a good few times after refitting the wheels to reseat the pads. The pistons will have got pushed back into the caliper when you were removing and refitting the wheels.

It helped but brakes were still a bit spongy .So tried, with help to bleed them.
turns out the master cylinder was sticking. Problem almost solved. thanks for help

Thank you for your help, its ongoing but almost solved.

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