Help me choose my new(ish) bike

Okay, I’m hoping my Forum friends can help me make a decision. Please!

I’ve got a V7 Racer as a weekend toy but am looking for a bigger Moto Guzzi to use for some proper miles. I’ve just volunteered to deliver blood and medical organs from hospitals to the air ambulance base so need something reliable and able to withstand all weather conditions. I also want to make a couple of long European trips during the summer.

I am not looking at anything new but have a budget of about £6k; although for that price it would need to be low miles, properly sorted, and include a screen and genuine M.G. luggage.

The options are currently an older Breva 1100, a Stelvio 1200, or a Norge 8V 1200.

Over to you!

If you are looking at the Stelvio or 8 valve Norge for your budget, you are in dodgy territory as the earlier pre 2013 models were susceptible to cam follower problems. as long as they have the roller cam followers you will be OK. Just get some sort of guarantee when buying an 8 valve. (I got stung :frowning: ) The Breva 1100 is a great bike and will do everything you need it to. Some nice low mileage ones pop up from time to time. I wouldn’t rule out a 4 valve Norge either (silver engine).

I have owned a Breva 1100 and a Selvio and ridden the 8valve Norge and they are all great bikes.

Thanks Horton916. Guessing you are also a Norton fan…

It sounds like the big Breva is the one for me then. It’s likely to be a fair bit cheaper to buy as well so I can bank a few quid to pay for panniers, box and any nasty surprises further along the road.

Interested to hear any other thoughts from other users.

If you get a Breva 1100, or probably any Guzzi of a similar vintage, get the wiring sorted out ASAP so you don’t get the common starting problem. My 1100 is great for long trips, but has had a few electrical issues and needed a new clutch at 30,000 miles, which was expensive.

Thanks PaulW. Which wiring problems need sorting, and what was the fix?

T3 or derivative, every time.

T3 is a nice bike (or T4, T5, Spada etc) but for sustained commuting I don’t think a 40 year old bike is such a good idea, unless you keep on top of maintenance. They are now expensive to buy and parts are starting to get silly prices. I would not suggest a Stelvio for traffic as the bike is heavy and the bars are very wide. There are a lot on here that gush about the Breva 750, but you would need to sit on one to see if you fit. If it is too small a larger Breva or a Norge would be a good choice in my opinion. If the cost of these later bikes is too much 1000 Mille GT, Strada or Spada III are still affordable.
Happy shopping! :smiley:

Tho oddly enough…we tend to use our loop frame guzzis for everything we dont use a sportster for…if you have a reasonable amount of knowledge of things mechanical…older guzzis may not be that bridge too far…

If I were planning a round the world trip I would take a T3 over a Stelvio anytime.
I still like the look of that V85 concept though.

Yep. And if I were commuting all year round I’d be on a Honda.

I’ve commuted all year round on my Lemon III from 1990 till 2007 roughly, and from then on my lil’Breva or Bellagio. I only stopped using the MK III because I was worried I might be wearing it out, silly me.
Never felt the need for a Honda since I sold my last one.
I originally bought the Lemon for its Inter Continental Ballistic motorcycle reliability.

Roller cam Stelvio or Norge with heated grips and Tomtom GPS fixing bracket. Both are comfortable, quick, sure footed, and have most the mod cons you could wish for. Genuine panniers will carry all the medical items. General maintenance can be done at home, all parts are available.
But best of all, they are fun to ride!

Thank you everyone. I think the newer Norge will win out over the Breva so long as I can find one with roller cams within my budget.

Is it a complete non-starter to by a flat cam bike and have the work done? What does it cost? There are a few sitting with dealers and I suspect a deal could be done.

IMO if you want a tourer go for the Norge. If a bike has a full Moto Guzzi service history the factory will help if there is a failure. Some flat cam models have not failed. :unamused:
There are some members bikes on the forum that a worth a look at.

Don’t rule out the 2 valve Norge, as someone else said. Nice handling, enough power, comfy seat, heated grips, leccy screen, good for big mileages, 50+mpg. You should be able to find a low mileage one for £4-5k easily.

Things to watch out for include dodgy neutral switch and leaking oil pressure switch. Also check the hoses to the front oil cooler are not chafing on the belly pan.

The Guzzi luggage is poor, but you get used to it and you can always change it to Hepco if you get sick of it.

Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions. I’ve bought a Norge 8VGT and am convinced it’s the right move for me.

Congratulations. A good choice.

Nice one. They are a lovely bike :sunglasses:

We need to see pics !