Help needed in Japan - Falcone

I received this email and it would be great if someone could help. Please email me (or post here) and I will forward it to our friend in Japan
Cheers Uki

Dear sir.

I love MotoGuzzi falcone sport in Japan and I am a Falcone loving owner.
In the first, I apologize for the sudden inquiry.
Right now my Falcone is having trouble with the carburetor.
If the fuel is released, the carburetor float will be punctured and the petrol will leak.

My Falvone has a Dellorto carburettor with a brass carburettor float stamped “Gr14”, but it has a hole in it so the float doesn’t work.

“Dear fellow Falcone brethren from England, could you please help me?”
Would you be willing to sell this Gr14 brass float to Far Eastern Falcone enthusiasts?

I apologize for the sudden offer of help.

I look forward to your fine advice.

I will send you a picture of my Falcone and the float.

Thank you very much.
I look forward to your fine advice.

Best regards,
from Japan

I might try to solder it to fill the hole, but that assumes other person knows how to solder.

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it looks as if the hole is meant to contain something
in fact it looks more like the slide, with a clip for the needle
might be the language translation

Brilliant surname, as for Guzzi owner:) They don’t solder, they lost old skills. I know a guy in Yorkshire doing valve guide jobs for customers from Japan. This is no longer a job they would be able to do.

He could try the Google Guzzi Singles group. There are plenty of falcone owners in the group