help needed to identify electrical bits

Hi folks

Taking first steps to exploring my Cali Stone thanks to encouragement from fellow Guzzists on this forum.

I have taken he tank off this afternoon to check connectors etc as I am still experiencing a bit of a missfire in 3rd/4th gear low revs. Under the tank saw all these connectors coiled up. There is also another with yellow and red connector which looks like it has come loose off something but can’t see an obvious home for it. Please see images. Had an in tank fuel pump installed last year so the coil of connectors could be something to do with the ld one but all the same rather baffling for a novice like me. Any help/advice to find out what they ae and what I should do would be much appreciated.

URL’s do not point to image files.

Oh wait I got it ~ I think (?)

Did they work. I don’t seem to be able to load images to the posting direct. When I press the little tree thingy it opens a box that needs a http address. I therefore found this vulavu site tha lets you post images fairly easily.

Any help on electrical contacts that seem to be disconnected under tank much appreciated.


gwynflash2014-04-19 16:27:36

It is possible that the connector was not used on your bike. When a company produces a number of different models within a range they tend to make an all purpose loom which fits all the variants including the top of the range with all the bells and whistles. Models further down the range will therefore have some unused wires and connectors.

Have you had the throttle bodies balanced Gwyn? I wonder if ‘a bit of a missfire’ is likely to be an inlet air leak, or at the exhausts?

Can't upload images on this forum at the mo unfortunately, hence have to be hosted on other web space as you have done. And yes shows for me OK.

That could be the connector to the air temp sensor, which is a delicate-looking affair hiding behind the right-hand bolt-on pillar which the tank-mount rubber sits on.

Hi Mcfuzzi
Thanks as always for your support!
I haven’t had the balancing done…is it something I can tackle? Thinking of buying the Guzzi bible but at £ 70 + wondering if it is worthwhile. I think the air temp sensor is already there. That is the only similar sensor I could see in the vicinity that was already connected. Thanks to all who have posted.

Once sure there are no air leaks, and valve clearances set to European spec (.20 inlet, .25 exhaust for screw adjustment two valve Guzzis, not sure about hydraulic) search the forum! It’s a joy to balance your Bike properly, and I’ll be doing mine again soon. Basically if one cylinder is trying to run faster than the other, what can you expect but some protesting? It looks complicated but it isn’t really. I’ve a set of damped dial gauges, but I may get some tubing and board to make a manometer just because it looks entertaining. I know I need to get out more…McFuzzi2014-04-20 10:27:38
-very nice and clearly put. I still use the fast idle screw to set my tick over speed rather than the throttle stop screws though (I leave them backed off), and do the fine tuning later with the air screws.instructionsMcFuzzi2014-04-26 20:35:50