Help, ORIGINAL paintwork T3/T3 Cali/G5/Convert

Can anyone help with accurate measurements of width of stripes ORIGINAL PAINTWORK on fuel tank and side panels of a 1979 on model T3/T3 California/G5/Convert (and possibly photographs). This model has a single stripe on the upper sides of the fuel tank as opposed to the pre 79 models which have 2 thinner stripes about 15mm apart.

This is for a restoration project bike.

Many Thanks


Hi James. My Convert was registered in 1980, but built in 1979. I have the original brochure that came with the bike, and the paintwork was just as in this factory picture.

Hi Bikeralw
Thanks for your reply, I have a 1976 Convert which is exactly the same as the one in the brochure you attached. As much as I like my Convert, I believe a lot of the early (pre 79 models) sat around in dealers showrooms until after 1979 before being sold/registered! The paintwork I am looking for info on is the later, commonly known as 79 on, or mag wheel models, one of which I am restoring at the moment. If anyone has one of these with original paintwork I would be keen to hear from you.

Thanks for your interest.

Yes, I guess there was quite a bit of crossover. Mine was put together in 79 according to the numbers, and came with mag wheels as you say, plus the latest heavy flywheel, but the paintwork was exactly as the picture. It had not been molested in any way when I bought it off the first owner in 1989.

Hello James I may be able to help you.I bought a1979 G5 new in 1981 and still have it. It was not very old when petrol leaked onto the lines and damaged them as they were on top of the laquer. Some tape of the correct size was obtained and stuck on I still have some left but its a gold colour .The tape for the lower part of the tank combines the thick line and narrow line on the same backing paper which makes it easier to put on level.
If you are interested I can send you some not sure how sticky it still is and you can see the correct size for your self.