Hello everyone,

I’m ‘refurbishing’ my V65 and removed the front forks (some time ago now…) to replace the rubber dust covers and refill the oil etc etc.

Getting them off was quite a challenge involving careful use of a very large rubber mallet. I knew that getting them on would be a challenge. It was and is.

I tried expanding the bottom yokes as much as possible using screwdrivers in the slot…but I could only get the fork in about an inch through the bottom yoke and I used WD40, grease etc - So I put a cover over it and left it for a while…

Today I renewed my efforts but its the same. The fork is so tight in the bottom yoke it just will not go through.

Has anyone removed and refitted their forks on a V65? Any ideas? suggestions? tips?



On a number of bikes including Guzzis I’ve used 1000 grade wet’n’dry with a drop of oil on it.
Run it around the inside and ease the diameter out. Give it a clean and a spray of GT85 or silicone based furniture polish.
repeat until you get a reasonably easy ingress of the fork leg.
Wacking the legs in can cause all sorts of problems in terms of damage and making it hard to ‘settle’ the forks in when going through the tightening process.
Very hard to remove too much material.
Good luck

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m always nervous about using more than reasonable force, so your suggestion makes sense. And good to hear you have actually done this successfully too.

It may take a while but hopefully this will get it there then, slow but sure.

They certainly seem to have the ultimate ‘interference’ fit.



Truth is that the alloy degrades/corrodes over time and can cause problems getting legs in and out.
I think it’s referred to as ‘character’ :astonished:
Have fun

Rather than use a screwdriver as a wedge and which will mostly leave some damage in the soft alloy, use the pinch bolt the other way round. Screw it into the threaded side first and then as it comes through into the slot place a sturdy enough shim over the plain hole such that it now pushes against it and opens the gap up. But take care not to go too mad.

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I have just put the forks back into my V65C, I presume they are the same fitting as yours just a bit longer stanchion’s .
I fitted the forks one at a time with a wedge in each of the slots in both top and bottom yokes place the bottom of the slider on a hard wooden block and then struck the top of the yoke that holds the clocks with a rubber mallet it went slowly at first then got a little easier, I did the same for the second fork.
The stanchions are now too far through so I will have to find out the correct distance they are supposed to protrude through the top yokes.
Anyone know.

Thanks all for the extra suggestions.

Yes perhaps it has gained some character over the years. I know it’s the first time the folks have been out since it came out of the factory…

Great suggestion to reverse the pinch bolt. The simplest ideas and all that.

Thanks and good luck with getting the measurements you need Skipjack69.



That is a really great idea.



They are back in!!

It’s taken a while to get around to doing it due to some unexpected elderly family health issues.

So just wanted to say thank you again to guzzibrat and cyclobutch.

It takes a little while with the very fine wet and dry but it’s the safest way. Unfortunately I couldn’t use the reverse bolt approach on the lower yokes as the bolt holes are not all the way through on the V65’s so still needed careful use of the screwdriver. I did use it on the top yokes however to ease them in and help seat the forks.

Probably worth the annual membership fee just for this help!!!


Glad you got it sorted :smiley:

Message for NAVTRAD or anyone else with a V65 Lario.
I just picked up on your comments and wondered if you still have the lario, and have you done any modifications to resolve the known valve/spring/cam problems.
I am in west midlands and have two larios I am currently working on and wondered if we could compare notes, as it is a difficult situation.