Help with paint

Ok , probably me done it too quick BUT I have a paint reaction, like extra thinners has got around an edge and burned the edge of an undercoat.

only a very small spot but annoying, any ideas the best way to tackle this?

Managed to do the tins on the V1000 and other stuff but not had this happen before I have had cracks appear and managed to deal with those in the past but not seen this before.

Did you sort this yet. Do you have a pic? What product did you use?..

Yeah got it sorted looked up some info on a custom car site, …looks like it was the cold and damp, I rubbed it back and re did it yesterday, when it was warmer, , left it rubbed back the filler primer and all is smooooth, cleaned it and sprayed the grey primer coat on earlier today…looks nice and smooth…

Need a few warmish days to pop the silver base coat and then red top coat on, then just the clear coat to do …

you need warm dry air to remove moisture
or an infra red heater that helps with paint


there was a haynes manual on fixing / restoring car bodywork that covered paintwork, had a few pages with pictures of paint problems and solutions

Make sure its warm/dry before you go anywhere near it with the clearcoat. Here speaks the voice of very bitter experience.

Thanks, yeh the rear fairing now has grey primer and is luvverly and smooth, …it is a fine dry day today so as long as the temp stays over 12 degrees I will lay the basecoat, these candy colours are a devil to spray but the result is worth it

On the subject of painting, my daughter bought a JML point and paint. Good for about 3 mins then started leaving tiny hairs in the paint, what a load of crud. 24euro to be claimed back from the shop tomorrow for her.