Help with the gear shift return spring

Hi All,

I think that the return spring has gone on my gear change on my 1996 Cali 1100i.

Any tips on replacement much appreciated. Can I get an exploded diagram anywhere?



First thing you need to do is lift the frame off the engine(Known as crabbing the frame) Instructions here …

I followed this guide when I did mine a few years ago…
Take your time, work nice and carefully, It will take quite a while to do, but is quite manageable by a competent mechanic.

Where abouts are you?

Thanks for that much appreciated.

I feared it was going to be a time-consumer. Oh well, maybe I’ll go for the big overhaul I’ve been threatening for years!

I’m near Ramsgate in Kent, in answer to your last question.

Be sure all linkages are clean and free moving. The spring on my V11 struggles without a by annual removal, clean and grease.

I have heard of people do it in a weekend, but I tend to take my time and clean and check eveything else you take apart at the same time.
The Kent branch is quite active, there is a very competent mechanic Ray S I think he’s in Dover if you struggle with things, he may be able to help.

This is one of the few aspects of Guzzi design that really annoys me.Why go from the easily replaced spring of the four-speed box (you can replace it on the side of the road) to such an involved procedure on the five-speed.? Progress? I think not. :imp:

Why do these springs keep breaking, can’t they make one strong enough for crying out loud, seems the newer ones are worse!