Hepco and Becker Pannier Set

I know it’s not strictly Guzzi but I am wondering if anyone has these fitted, and/or had a similar problem. Had them in the past no problem. I have been round Scotland with them loaded, fine.
I have loosened all the fixings more than once and tried to move the locking points at the back to no avail.

The problem is when locked onto the frames the lids (catches) do not line up and therefore have to be pushed into line whilst closing the lid. what’s happening is when the pannier is locked onto the frame it pulls the pannier into the frame at the rear and distorts it enough to mis align the lid catches.

Sounds like the luggage frame needs spacers adjusted to me so all aligns correctly guzzibear2013-07-23 12:15:25

Thanks for the reply bear. That sounds like good thinking. Thing is there is no leeway for adjustment. Even if I were to remove the frame from the bike to make things completely passive the same thing would happen. Short of a trip to Motobins in Lincs to try my pannier on their system…

This is odd, must be something that the pannier backs are fouling up against, up the front end somewhere. Can’t be just the pannier frame unless it’s wonky(?)
Mike H2013-07-23 14:06:14

Have you dropped the bike?What bike?

I’m guessing these are plastic cases? Junior?

Yeah it is very weird.
The bike is a 2012 V7 Special. No it has never been dropped or knocked. Bikes pretty new as are the frames and panniers. I’m sure the frames are good but as you have said that I will get the spirit level/straight edge out tonight and check them. A most frustrating problem.

Have you tried your panniers on another bike or vice versa?

Mine’s the same on the RHS only, about 2 or 3 mm out when on the frame but good and straight on the bench. I’m ok to live with it 'cos with my skills and luck it’ll just get worse if I adjust it!Regards,John

sounds like your pannier frames have been misaglined when welded
I wonder if they have moved production ?
mine always click on and off no problem and i have dropped the bike on them before
however they are a tight fit and need to be pushed in and along them gently bumped into place to engage the rear locking seatsrapheal glynn2013-07-23 18:54:14

All interesting stuff. I am not the only one then? My frames look fine, not twisted or anything, beautifully aligned etc. I was hoping someone in my branch could help me out on the trying them on another bike front. Anyone in Hertfordshire?

Plastic must be distorted then.