Hi again from Nottingham, UK

Starting this thread again because the original didn’t meet the community guidelines.

Just bought a Mandello V100S, my first ever Moto Guzzi. I’m pleased with it apart from the clutch and gearbox behaviour (see the thread “Stelvio clutch for the Mandello?”). As well as the Mandello I’ve also got a Royal Enfield Meteor 350, which I Iove.

I’ve been riding for 51 years and had loads of bikes, like most of us. I got a degree in Motorcycle Engineering from Derby Uni at the age of 59 (or was it 60? - not sure).

That’s me in a nutshell!


Welcome to the Club Steve! Pleased to meet you.


Welcome, i too have an enfield (lewis leathers 500 special) but think its going to be sold as i love riding my v85tt so much, and its much more comfortable (im 6’ 2")