Hi from Crewe, V100s

Great bike but I have not been able to pair my phone.


Welcome Flakedriver, I hope you enjoy the new bike. I’ve only had mine a week and am getting to grips with it one bit at a time.

As far as phone pairing goes, I can’t even get the App working let alone connected, as it refuses to accept the correct password, even after resets. To be fair, the BMW connectivity never worked properly either, so it’s not just MG. Like others I ride with, we gave up (on the BMW) and just kept the phone paired to the helmet and possibly the Sat Nav if that works ok. Best of luck if you do persist however!


Hi there and welcome. Quite a few V100 owners in the Staffordshire Branch which covers Cheshire. We have a few regulars in Crewe and Sandbach areas.
Active Facebook & forum pages. Active WhatsApp group for events.
Next up with the Staffies.
Thursday 9/5 Farm Shop Cafe, Hartington, Derbyshire https://www.hartingtonfarmshop.co.uk/
Saturday 11/5 Vintage Vehicle Show to support Cancer Research UK Booth Lane, Kingstone, Uttoxeter, ST180LT
Sunday 12/5 Chequered Flag Cafe, Darley Moor, Derbys. https://darleymoorcentre.co.uk/chequered-flag-cafe/ No gate charge.
All from 12 noon
All welcome.

There’s a few farcebook pages dedicated to the V100

There are 2 in particular for UK owners, worth having a look at, a couple of V100 owners in your neck of the woods. (They have very similar names but are in fact 2 separate groups.)

With regard to the Guzzi V100 MIA, I got mine working but it was a bit flaky, used to forget connections, or drop out. Never that enthused with the integral nav, either. I prefer a visual map.

I installed a Chigee AIO-5 unit in April, it’s an Android/IOS mirror and dashcam so you can use Google maps, Waze or whatever, do phone calls, etc.

Seems good so far, and you can run configurable TPMS as well.

But welcome.

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