Hi from Norfolk!

I have been a member for a few years but have not logged onto the forum before.

I have a 2007 Norge which has been a delight to use albeit infrequently (it has 5000 miles on the clock). It has been trouble free, however I have recently noticed that the tank has started to blister. It has a lot of small (max. 2-3mm) blisters under the paint. I have read a lot of info suggesting various causes, Poor paint finish, modern petrol, etc. My question is what is the most effective cure? Should I buy a 2nd hand tank, as there are a few available and ditch this one or attempt to have this one repaired? A new one is prohibitively expensive and not an option.

I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced the same issue and has resolved it.



a Baglux tank cover will hide it until you source a better tank !

Thanks Raphael,

not sure that solves the problem and honestly I think it looks better with blisters than a baglux cover! :smiley:


From what I’ve gleaned (albeit off t’Internet), if it’s a plastic tank, and because the ethanol molecules are smaller than the petrol ones, they are small enough to penetrate (some) plastics, this also accounts for the phenomenon of disintegrating fuel hoses.


I wonder if you can get a liner product to put in the tank, like the old Petseal that is suitable for plastic tanks and resists ethanol?
Plenty of companies make such a product for metal tanks, but plastic tanks must be a limited market.
Caswell’s are a leading brand and do offer something or plastic tanks, try having a read about on here

Good idea, if such ethanol resistant stuff exists, (?) only prob here being, is like bolting stable door after the wossname has oozamaflip, already got paint blisters on the outside of the tank. Would be good treatment for a pristine tank tho.