Hi from York

Hi all

Just picked up my first ever Guzzi yesterday - a V100 S. Not ideal weather for new tyres let alone a shiny new bike, but glad to get it home safe. Some teething issues to iron out but it’s very promising and despite the frequent hail showers and mud strewn roads it gave me a few grins en route!

Hope to meet up with some of you at Seaways at the monthly meet in May.


Welcome. Hope your meet-up goes well.

We also have a monthly meet at Wetwang. Details in the club magazine.

And “squires” isnt too far, often pop there for a cuppa :+1: and Matt at apex motorcycles in elvington will make you a cuppa, just tell him “grand-pa” sent you :blush:

Go on…what are the “teething” issues that you have found?

There are quite a few areas where improvement is required, but the overall picture is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Let us know - there may well be fixes for your problems.

Oh, and welcome to the fold.

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Congrats! Yes I’m curious too. :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome. I’m really looking forward to the bike. To put the ‘teething troubles’ into context, I traded in a GS which had been both the most competent and comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden in 29 years and by far the least reliable with a track record of 8 factory recalls and warranty repairs in my three years of ownership from new. That’s after a long stint of owning several Hondas (and riding Honda Blood Bikes) that never once went wrong.

The first issue was fixed by the workshop in a few minutes (before it left the dealership), so not worth mentioning. The only remaining gripe so far relates to the oil filler cap which the dealers are replacing on Monday (really lovely service attitude from a family firm so far). The primary issue is that the filler cap was cross-threaded upon purchase (I found out when I got home and tried to remove the cap to check the oil). The filler cap/dipstick is a fairly basic plastic affair, so hopefully no damage to the thread on the engine block. Compared to the easily accessible and well designed filler caps I’ve been used to over the years, it’s small, plastic, hard to turn with my arthritic thumbs and somewhat inaccessible, being sandwiched between the hot engine block and exhaust. Not a great design IMO. It’s also a bit different to the layout show on a schematic on page 17 in the online owners manual: this schematic shows both the oil filler cap and an ‘Engine Oil Level Inspection Port’ on the right side of the bike - on my bike the filler cap is on the left and there is no inspection port. Presumably the final build of the bike changed after the owners manual was written??

This is hardly a show-stopper of an issue, and I’m only explaining because a couple of you have asked for clarification, its just my first experience of Guzzis and naturally you form first impressions which on the whole are positive so far.

The oil level window was a feature on the early prototypes…there was no dipstick.

Experience, however, quickly proved that the engine needed about another 1.5 litres of oil more than the quantity that the engine had been designed to contain, so the oil level window was quietly forgotten about (although the casting boss for its position on the crankcase remains) and the oil dipstick was quietly introduced instead.

This is why you can’t check the oil level when the bike is on the sidestand…it just overflows.

Welcome to the wild world of Guzzi ownership…


Thanks for the insight Speedy23, I appreciate the context for the change of design. As the V100 is such a significant developmental model I’d expect some significant changes to emerge.

The MG decision feels a lot easier to understand than the recent, sudden BMW announcement that they were retrospectively making shaft drives ‘consumable’ items on all models of 1200/1250 boxers (tourers, roadsters, adventure etc) made 2023 and before.