Hi i have a ME18 Dellorto carb problem

I want to remove the needle from the slide.There is a brass top with a slot inside the slide does it unscrew i dont want to force it.

is this for a Moto Guzzi? if so, providing the model can help guide others to your request for assistance.

The needle does come out, I can’t remember just how off the top of my head, but will take a look at mine later.
Presumably that is from a Stornello Turismo. Lambretta used a very similar carb on some of their bikes and so may be a useful source of parts. I did get many parts for mine from Eurocarb. There is an expolded diagram of the carb on their website

Hi Don
Yes it is a Turismo.I had quite a struggle getting the slide out and when i looked at the slide there was some slight damage to the bottom but it will still be useable with some dressing.

I should point out that the damage was not of my doing it was done by some one else.

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I had a check of one in the garage and yes it does unscrew. If it is stuck, try a bit of heat and penetrating fluid. Under the brass screw, you will find the needle is held in place with a tiny steel clip that is likely to be rusty! Be prepared to buy a replacement if they are available.

Hi Don
I gave it some heat then gently holding the brass top and slide i managed to free the top without damaging anything.Thanks as always for your good advice.

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