Hi I need to buy a new washer for my in tank fuel

Hi, I need to buy a washer for the in tank fuel solenoid valve but am having no joy with Guzzi Bits. As it is in the fuel tank I need to get the correct type of washer. Has anyone any ideas who might have such a thing ?.

I’m no expert on fuel injection bits, but a note of the model of bike may be a starter.
Try looking up the part number from the parts book ( Most can be found here Parts Lists ) Then Google Guzzi followed by the part number, it will often throw up a supplier. How about Fowlers?
Do you have a photo of the old washer?

Thanks Don-Spada
My bike is a 2004 Cali EV. I’ll try firn the part number and google.

From a look at the parts book, it doesn’t seem to show a separate washer. Part 17 is the valve in question. That makes me think the washer is part of the whole assembly. Can you find a red fibre washer that will fit and maybe a couple of turns of PTFE tape on the thread if you are worried it may leak.

Hi Don-Spada
Thank you very much for your input it is really useful. I will try and find some Red Fibre Washers that will fit. I am assuming Red Fibre Washer is a type of petrol resistant material ?.
Also could I ask you two further questions :-

1] Regarding the fuel level sensor (#18 on the parts drawing. My fuel light did not light up during my last ride out leading me to run out of fuel !!!. I have taken the fuel level sensor out and am not sure if it is a thermistor or a simple on/off switch. Do you know ?.
2] Can you send me the link to the manual that has the parts drawing you have sent. The manual I am working from does not seem to be as comprehensive a drawing as you have so I am wondering if I have the best one.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

PM me your address and i will send you one in the post. I have a few spare.

Hi Nik, that would be amazing…
Not sure how to PM but here is my address
23 Beaumont Gardens

Thanks again

Red fibre washers have been used for sealing petrol taps etc for years. The other option is to use Dowty washers, they are a bonded metal and rubber seal, use the Viton ones as that is best for petrol

I have read that the fuel sensor uses a reed switch, have alook at this page.

The parts book was from the Guzzitek here

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Thanks so much…

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Has anyone pet sealed their tank on an EV concerned about my Vintage but with the pump n filter in tank I assume a plate must be fitted with the gubbins out to start the process? Why did they do this early EVs had the filter pump in a side panel. Once had great difficulty getting the un quick release fuel pipe off ended up grinding down a push bike spanner to do it madness. Regards Ratt

As ever, rest assured there is a factory tool that will make the job easy-peasy . Just tuff tit if you ain’t got one.

I had my SP1000 for 2 years before I found out that there was a tool to loosen the nuts holdiing the points housing so you could do the timing without burning yer knuckles!

themistor is for temperature in standard use.