Bit anal this one…the metallic grey V50 Mk2 inst panel has lost its original white highlights on the embossed (?) symbols. Is there a quick, simple and accurate way of repainting these with paint? One that doesn’t make panel resemble a pigs breakfast at the end of it would be good :slight_smile:

I painted mine with a thin artist’s paint brush. And yes you have to be extremely slow and careful.

I used white Smoothrite, just cos it was handy, but advantageous by being thick so it doesn’t run and dries quick. Rather that try to use brush strokes, it was kind of dabbed onto the top of the embossing.

HTH (?)

Oh god - better have a large one.

Had looked at watercolorists masking fluid but it’s just as finicky and lifts all when you try to expose the top of the symbols. Blutack to fill the holes but suspect it will run into the small gaps. A Â high modulus rubber roller might do it but would have to make that first ! Basically it comes down to your idea Mike.
Suspect its a nip into ye olde model shoppe for some Humbrol or what ever it is these days.

I think so!

It was a bit fiddly but not too bad I thought ~ mind you I mispent my early youth assembling and painting Airfix kits…

Maybe something like potato printing? Like a fairly firm pad that you apply the paint to and then press to the raised symbols? I can’t vouch for this btw.

Bear in mind I’d already considered a couple of ideas of these sorts and concluded the simplest method was most likely to work

Dogs dinner…

Very smart Gav…and I was employed as an artist in a former life…me dad and son 20 years ago in the sea in Wales…

It will do, there is some raggedness, not sure how to do it better other than spend hours on it.
Stiff, small, flattening brush, low charge and almost horizontal sweep seems the way. Humbrol paint, easily removed with white spirits. Can’t see it lasting long, but we will see. So easy to let it run into the symbols.

I like el butcho’s idea of the tattie. The concept is worth exploring. How is it done in the factory?