Historic vehicle status

Couple of weeks ago MOT’d and taxed my '76 Le Mans.
Just found out bikes registered pre 7th January 77 are classed as historic and do not need to pay tax.
Advice on gov.uk is to take V5, MOT and proof of insurance to big post office, fill out a form and sent back to DVLA and they will amend status and refund tax :smiley:
(bit annoying they took money for road tax instead of flagging it when applying online…)
I wonder how many people are paying tax for vehicles they don’t have to?
Ignorance is bliss and can be expensive!

I wondered how you did this, thanks for telling. My Spada celebrates its 40th birthday next year so should become elligable :smiley:

I have an" historic vehicle" registered in 1955. My reminder advised me I can tax it either monthly, every six months or yearly.
Guess which I chose!

My Spada is also 40 next year, so I’ll be ready!

Yeah - I did exactly this on my H1 Kawa just the other week. Of course - this led to the usual blank faces and other tom foolery behind the glass down at the PO. They decided they didn’t need to see MOT or Insurance at all. Just waiting for the revised V5 to be returned - along with the refund for this years tax that I had bought.

I guess when Corbyn gets in this will stop rolling again.

Well that wont happen then! Think Blair stopped it when he got in in 1997.
My '76 T3 tax free, its a good feeling.

1976 Mongrel sorted today.
I took the precaution of printing off the relevant DVLA page and putting it with my documents.
Proved worthwhile.
If there is any confusion over eligibility the PO staff can scan the bar code at the bottom of page 2 on the V5. This will flag eligability or not.
Good luck

I would be looking forward to the Black Pearl reaching that milestone (registered 1980), but I’ll have moved from ‘late middle aged’ to just plain ‘old age’ by then; if I’m spared.

BTW - My Aussie pal calls Alzheimers - ‘Old Timers’. Sounds much better.

We like that :slight_smile:

Proud owner of an historic vehicle :slight_smile:
complete confusion at post office, lucky I printed this page off and took with me:
Now waiting for refund…


Another advantage of getting older (apart from £775.40 State Pension every 4 weeks - I still can’t quite believe it. Yippee!) is Historic vehicle tax class. A seamless visit to Sturminster Newton Post Office armed with V5C and V112 (Declaration of exemption from MOT) and another old wreck on the road, free of road tax and the necessity for an MOT. Just the job Bob!
Oddly my 1982 Laverda has to wait until the 1st of April to qualify, even though it’s already 40 years old.
Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

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just to quantify, when you say old wreck !!
you or the motorcycle ??
if its the former then their is hope for me yet

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Definitely me. At least a bike can be restored to it’s former glory. I’m not sure I’ve ever been glorious.

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Funny how you have to take paperwork to post office etc., but anything else that involves paying money is easily done online…


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Just a heads up.

It’s no good applying on your bikes 40th birthday, as you can’t claim Historic status until the following year.

Sad but true.

I guess that’s the scenario with my Laverda but then who cares, I’m happy to wait if it means no more MOT tests!