History of the International V Twin Rally

Who can tell me about the history of the International V Twin Rally, eg the first year of the meeting which I believe was at Shaftsbury in 1977 before moving to Fordingbridge in 2006, I attended all 10 years there and miss greatly. I believe one year of the rally was cancelled due to foot and mouth, was that 2001 and if so was the Rally badge made and possible to get hold of one? Also the early rally badges, were they of the same design?
Perhaps it would make a good nostalgia feature in the Magazine?

I’ll try to dig out some notes that I printed from this here forum in it’s previous incarnation.
Time has led to some variations in the story.
One account has it that the first VTwin was organised by some Harley-Davidson owners and then passed on to the Guzzi club.
I’ll dig out pictures of my VTwin badges for comparison.
Definitely a great idea doe an article.
There are a number of long term VTwinners on the Facebook page. I could copy your post to there if that’s useful/acceptable.
Good luck

Hi Steve, that would be cool, for some crazy reason I started to try and collect all the V twin badges and have secured most now apart from the very early years (about 8 short of full collection), I have one badge with no year on it at all! So interested to know the story behind that? Regarding an article in The Mag, a picture of each badge, maybe a photo from the actual event and a the latest Guzzi release from that year could make for a good running feature covering say 5 years at a time?
Just a thought. Clive

That rings a bell. Whatever I’m sure it was for any V-twin motorcycle, not just MG’s.

I heard that CX500’s had to park in another field.

Had a chat with Serena Powis yesterday.
She was part of organising the VTwin from the second event onward.
She’s happy to have a chat and filling the the details.
I was mistaken about the HD element. There were a few that turned up and certainly the ones that I went to had a eclectic mix of bikes including a few non-V twins.
Serena’s email address is in Gambalunga.
Roger Shufflebotham was also there and would be happy to see an article submitted for publication.
Let me know if I can be of further help.
Have fun

The V twin at Shaftsbury always had bikes from different makes, Rik always turned up on his Ducati and there was a lovely Harley Sportster in matt backl with gold plated bits. I remember seeing a vincent there too.

That’s impressive stuff.
I’m sure there are a few badges in drawers gathering dust.
I’ll ask around.

I couldn’t see the small butterfly pon badge, which most people lost. Think they only did it for one or two years.