Horn - Breva 750 IE (2003)


I am trying to locate the horn on a Breva 750 IE, year 2003 model but cannot see where it is installed.

Please assist by advising where I can find and also how to replace it.

Thank you.

there is a small grille under the front of the tank, it unscrews with about eight screws, the horn sites behind it on either the left or right hand side on a metal bracket bolted to the frame, if it is not working, try replacing the horn relay first
I replaced my horn with a pair of twin fiamme horns one either side powered via a relay
you will need a Torx Screwdriver to remove the panel

Thank you for the photos and advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I followed the steps and managed to access the original horn. I replaced it with a Denali SoundBomb Mini, but when I press the button on the handle bar to sound the horn, it just makes a tick sound once. I also replaced the Denali thinking it may be faulty but the second one did the same.
I have now put the original horn back and that sounds fine.
Any advice why the Denali is not working?
Thank you

polarity wrong
or the earth connection to the frame is not clean
how much current does the denali draw > it might be burning the relay contacts
also worth spraying some WD40 into the horn buttons as the grease dries up

I have been reading about the Denali SoundBomb Mini and several places suggest to have it connected to a relay instead of directly connecting to the stock horn connectors.

I am not sure where to get a harness with a relay and fuse, or even how to make one suitable for a horn.

Any links to where to get a harness or suggestions on making one would be most welcome.