Hot Oil message on Motogadget

Hey folks, just setting up my motogadget instrument display and I’m pondering at what temperature the hot oil warning should display on the dash. I currently have it at 95 (Celsius) which I think is quite conservative - received wisdom seems to be up to 125 before getting overly concerned.
I’m going through shakedown on a new build so I’m monitoring oil temp/press closely. Haven’t yet started giving it ‘the beans’, and open road work settles to a very acceptable mid/high 80’s. Town and traffic causes quite a quick increase to the 95 degree warning on the dash, and once this message is displayed, the absolute temp is no longer reported. So I’m wondering by how much to increase the temperature at which the warning is triggered (with a reasonable margin) so that I get absolute temperature displayed instead of the early 95 at which it’s currently set?
For info, I avoid towns and traffic whenever I can, but hey, this is England :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Any thoughts from oil gurus welcome!