How to change your background colour!

You can change your colour settings under your profile and settings, see these instructions:

  1. Click your avatar/image

  2. Select the person

  3. Hit preferences

  4. Hit interface

  5. Select your option (light mode is the white one)
    white background


After preferences, you need to hit the ‘account’ box to get to interface.

Thanks for the input, are you using a mobile? On my desktop I can hit ‘Interface’ straightaways (but it is a dropdown in Account)

Cheers Uki

Yes, I use an iPhone Uki

There’s two drop downs …
Edit and Account

Thanks Brian, I value your inputs (they helped a lot during the early login problems some members had). I prefer the bigger screen on a computer, but this reminded me to also check the mobile.

Screenshots are always very helpful.

Cheers Uki