How to raise a Breva 750?

Many ask how to lower the little Breva, but has anyone tried to raise it?

I’m curious to know if or how one could. Would want to get more ride height and suspension travel, turn it into a sort of scrambler or NTX / XPA.

So, could it be done and what’re the downsides?

Well, longer rear units are easy, but to raise the front would require new forks. All possible - at a price.

First and easiest would be to change out the front wheel for a Nevada 750ie. Next would be changing out the rear shock for something with a loaded centre to centre. Then change out the rear wheel for a re-rimmed Nevada hub running an 18" rim. Some more forward bars would give the bike a bigger feel. The current one do make it quite compact.

Nevada front wheel; 18" or 19" compared to B’s 17"? Would certainly give a little more front ride height. Would need to remount or change the front mud guard though too.
Longer shocks and springs at the rear a given (assume someone like Hagon either do or could make them). But what’s a loaded centre to centre? Assume a shock whose resting point is at the centre of it’s travel, rather than towards one end or the other?
18" rear wheel? Get the idea, but wouldn’t it foul the end of the swing arm? Currently not a lot of clearance there with 17".
Bars are a good idea; been thinking about that for a while. CorsaI put high/wide bars on their V7 Scrambler - I wonder where that’s from? Might have a problem with ‘stretching’ the cables etc. to the controls, but I guess just need to ‘loosen’ them a bit in their runs; can only be an inch so extra needed!

And yes, everything is indeed possible at a price. Sometimes cheap, sometimes expensive. But given what I’d like isn’t available off-the-shelf…

With the rear wheel you would have to play with the tyre profile.

The rear suspension, you want a higher loaded centre to centre with you sat on it, ie like you would at traffic lights.

From an on-line search of the specs, the Nevada is 18", but if you get the rear re-rimmed, you could get the front done also and go the hole hog and go for a 21" front.

The bars, I am tempted by some Renthal 658’s, but the trouble is I did an 800 mile spring back from Germany in one day earlier this year. Other than my butt, nothing ached so for me the ergonomics are good and whilst I feel a little more prone and forward you be good, I am not convinced.

All very well going for a front wheel which has a 2 inche larger radius, but are the forks long enough to allow that with the mudguard in there too? Don’t want it jamming up under the bottom yoke on full compression. You also have to check the clearance at the back on the frame tubes.Are the Nevada forks the same length?

Maybe it would be easier to start with a Nevada? 19:54:59

I was coming around to that thought too!

Would choose a later Nevada than that linked above, just to get FI etc.
However, isn’t the Nevada’s seat even lower than the Breva’s? Looking for a little height, given I’m 6’4".

Thanks though!

Having a Breva and Nevada in the garage, I would say the seat heights are pretty even.
However the Nevada pegs are further forward so carry your knees higher. The long handle bars sit you up more also.
This means a sizeable individual will find tight turns awkward with knees fighting elbows for space.
To live with a Nevada at my 5’ 8" I would have to change the bars out for something more prone. How the bars would interact with the Nevada’s foot rests I am not sure, hence after riding Mrs C’s Nevada round Scotland and loving the engine, handling and economy, I plumbed for the Breva.
Thinking about the cut of the seat on the Breva and the mods and money you would have to spend, I think you would do better starting out with a V7. The seat is flatter meaning you can move backward on it easier, the step being less pronounced.
Also the front wheel is a little bigger to start with.Cabernet2013-10-29 22:05:41

I’m sure the V7 seat is higher than the Breva, when I sat on one some time back I was surprised at how high it felt (and that was when I was used to a Spada III).

I am 6’ so intend at some time to add 1’’ to the seat height with gel and memory foam etc.