How to tell which cam?

I’ve been passed a big-block cam, but don’t know the profile. Should there be any designation, or other means of identification?

Would need to check Guzziology to be sure, but I thought most were pretty similar, on the earlier models I’m sure I have read somewhere the LeMans had the same camshaft as a T3.A read of Guzziology would be your best guide on this.

OK good point

As far as I know there’s the (old!) V7 profiles, then there’s the 850/1000 Tonti profiles, (all equal 20/60 degrees BTDC/ABDC, all models had this), then there’s the sporty B10 racing cams version. So basically 3 different sorts. However the differences may be slight, so you still may not be able to tell except by comparing it to another, known, type.

I am sure that V7 Sport cams were carried onto the 750S but not the 750S3 these were the same as the T3 and others as Mike says. Also not sure if the 850T didn’t have the sport’s cam as well?

Pretty sure that is correct Chris.There was also the P3 profile and that is marked on the end of it.

Some S3s had V7 Sport cam profiles too.

Does this help:

I like the comment about the Lario cam “Due to tappet problems, no cams are available for this model”