How to wire in switched accessories?

Hi everyone,I’m looking for help with how to safely wire in GPS and USB phone power supply which is ignition switched, on my Nevada 750 Classic 06/2007 (unfortunately as much as I loved the California I couldn’t handle the weight any more) so I’m now adapting Nevada to suit my needs.If anyone is able to help I would be most grateful. Pictures would be useful as would an accurate circuit diagram, as I’m not sure the one I have is correct for my model.
Many thanks,

Hi Andy.
I wired in a USB style cigarette lighter socket on my Spada by finding a spare connector in the fuse box with a switched feed. Make sure you use the right side of the fuse box as one side will be power in and the other for the output. Check that the power feed stops when you pull the fuse out.
Alternatively see what you can find in the headlight that comes live when you switch the ignition on. A study of the wiring diagram for that one. You should be able to get one from the Guzzitek.

Hi Don, the information you’ve given me sounds really helpful and certainly the wiring diagram you pointed me in the direction of looks excellent. Thanks very much

Have a look at this:

and have a look at the legend in the top left.

If it does work for your bike, then it looks as if “29” should fit the bill. Certainly there is a switched supply on my V7ii.

As far as I can see “29” is the ignition switch operated by a key. Beware of these wiring diagrams, there are some issues. I can see that “13” the side stand switch is not connected to the loom on the wiring diagram and the handlebar switches are called “dimmer switches”. In the past I have spotted some wire colour errors as well where the translation from the original Italian is incorrect, so beware.

You are right. Delete my post !! :frowning:

I’ve checked the diagram again and can not find a switched supply connector. However, if you do not have an antitheft device fitted, then “39” might be available. You will have to locate “39” and, if it is unused, check the availability of supply with a multimeter. As to whether “43” can cope with the current draw of a relay is another matter. Perhaps another member is able to offer some help here ?

Anyway, good luck with getting your switched supply installed.

An easy option is to use an Optimate battery charger plug and usb connector. See:

The charger plug is a simple connection to the battery and the usb cable automatically shuts off to protect the battery if it falls below 12.4v. It is also easy to unplug the usb cable from the charger lead.

As someone whose incompetence with things mechanical is greatly exceeded by his total ignorance of things electrical, I managed to fit these to my bike in about 15 minutes and was able simply to move the lot to a new bike in even less than that. Not perhaps the cheapest solution but I use the battery charger all the time, like the various electrical safety elements and am safe in knowledge that this set up is future proof to any change of bike.


The Optimate wires bolt direct on to the battery rather than connect to the loom, this has two problems. Firstly, the accessory is always turned on, this may not be a problem but I do not like the idea of a premiant live feed to the handlebars. Secondly, it is better not to have a load of connectors on the battery terminals as the contact area can be reduced from the battery to the main battery leads, also with a greater surface area of the collection of battery contacts there is a greater chance of corrosion, both these may induce the Guzzi ailment of click no clunk, as the starter needs a good whack from the battery.

I would connect to the loom if there is a axillary socket or connect into a circuit that is turned off with the ignition switch. Page 61 of the workshop manual shows a socket for a GPS, does your bike have one of these? It is wired to the fuse box on the anniversary model.

I have not drawn a wiring diagram of your model as I concentrate on the older (simpler) bikes. If there is no aux/GPS socket on your bike I would suggest that you connect to the fusebox. If you are unsure contact a local auto electrician.

Hi everyone. Thanks for your help. I confess I ended up asking my friendly bike mechanic if he would do it. Picked up and returned the bike and made a good job of it all for 65 quid! Can’t be bad!

Good result