hydraulic clutch for 2002 california ev

Hi everyone, I need some help with a heavy clutch lever. I have quite severe arthritis in my hands and find that operating the clutch hurts considerably. I have heard that there ia a hydraulic conversion possible. Can anyone help as I would like do do a bit of touring this summer.

suffering a bit myself after a run out on the Le Mans, its the stretch that does me, so might try a dogleg lever (if i can find one)…

Gutsibits do the parts for a hydraulic conversion, just over £200 I believe…

Just IMHO, not sure that will help. The Clutch springs are quite strong anyway. Have you tried a new clutch cable, may just be a case of too much Friction cos cable getting old.Â

Hi Neil
If you track down some dog leg levers give me a heads up would you? I don’t have the problem the OP does but I have short fingers :frowning: which means in order to reach the levers I tend to slide my hand towards the lever pivot point thus reducing the mechanical advantage and giving me arm/finger ache especially in traffic

Try a Venhill clutch cable. The one on my Lemon is easier to use than the hydraulic clutch on my V11 was.

Just found this (first item on page) http://www.gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?q=clutch+lever+assembly&f=d&Model=0&search=SEARCH

Might give it a go meself…

Some while ago I got a DL lever and tried to adapt it to the Tomaselli mount, never quite made it fit properly tho in spite of lots of filing.

Venhill also do these http://www.venhill.co.uk/Magura_Clutch_Conversion
Doesn’t specifically offer one for the Guzzi but it doesn’t look as if it would be beyond us to get one to work
Magura site here http://www.magura.com/en/powersports/products/katalog/produkte/detail/80-2014/clutches/allgemein/hymec-street/allgemein.html

Yes, they say you can have customisable parts, you need to measure the cable travel of original to choose.

Can’t see any prices tho?